6 Things About Me That Have Nothing to Do With Being Gay

Lesbians: We’re Just Like You

My Dad called me the other day to tell me that while he loves my blog posts and YouTube videos, he thinks that there is a lot more about me that is interesting other than the fact that I am a lesbian.  He makes a good point!  So here I am – writing a blog and making a video about something other than “gay stuff.”

I honestly didn’t know how to pick a topic for this post/video at first because there are so many things that I am passionate about and things that I could share.  So, instead of picking one, I decided to talk briefly about 6 things that I think are cool and interesting about me.  I am just Your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbian, after all.

Don’t miss the video that I made about these 6 things at the bottom of this post 🙂

1. I am a certified Scuba Diver

Best.Hobby.Ever.  Seriously, every time I go diving I contemplate all of my life decisions and temporarily convince myself that I should move to a tropical island and become a dive master.  My Grandfather, Dad, and brother are all certified and have been diving for years so I guess it runs in the family.  I finally got certified in 2011 and I am so glad that I did.  So far I have been diving in a lake in Indiana (where I got certified), Key West, Australia, Belize, and Cabo.  My next trip is to Costa Rica in November so expect some amazing underwater go pro videos!

2. I speak Italian

Or at least, I did. I cannot believe it has been 10 years since I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and fell in love with the city, country, and the people.  Actually, after digging up these old pics and seeing what I used to look like, I can believe that it has been 10 years.

Like millions of other American students, I spent a semester studying abroad during my junior year of college.  Only, I was determined to go back…and I did.  I returned to Florence a few months after my study abroad semester ended to complete my degree required internship.  This time I lived alone while working the front desk/concierge at a luxury hotel in the middle of Florence.  I was the only American working at the entire hotel which allowed for a complete language immersion.  Man, it was so brutal at first. Going from only hearing Italian in a classroom to being forced to use it every day in real life.  At the grocery, the train station, with my colleagues…it was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.  By the time my four month internship ended, I was pretty damn proficient at understanding and speaking the Italian language.

Turns out, not so many people in the US speak Italian so I have not had much practice since then.  I am rusty as hell but one day I am going to get back on the horse and re-learn the language.  When I buy my house on Lake Como, obviously.

3. I was a Tourism Management major in college


Yes, that is an actual major.  Really, it was hospitality management.  But, more importantly, it just sounded fun and there was a ferris wheel on the brochure that I stumbled upon in the guidance counselor’s office.  Studying about travel?  Sign me up.  Most people went on to work in hotels or on cruises.  I just wanted a way to move back to Italy or travel as much as possible working for a tour company. Neither of those things happened for me (not for lack of trying) and I ended up working as an event manager for Marriott for 5 years after college. But don’t quit your dreams kids because that is not where my story ends, obviously!

4. Yep, I was a sorority girl

Girl, I know.  I lived in a huge mansion with 97 other girls in the Theta house at Indiana University for 3 years.  Man, we made some great memories and also killed a lot of brain cells.  I was clueless about my sexuality in college. I really just thought that I hadn’t met the right guy yet. If only I had known…

Also, if you can’t pick me out of these pictures….good.

5. I love reading

I am especially obsessed with motivational books (I refuse to call them “self help” books).  The Jen Sincero book in the picture above was pretty life changing for me.  I am also currently reading The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.  Do yourself a favor and read these books.  I never used to be a big reader but I swear that after I turned 30, I became a huge nerd.  I actually look forward to Sunday afternoons with just my tiny dog and a good book. Step aside Netflix.

6. I have been single AF for 3 years

For the first six years of my “out” life, I pretty much went from one serious relationship to another with barely enough time to come up for air in between.  But times have changed and this girl has growed up (yes I meant to say growed even though it is not an actual word).   I have dated girls in the past three years but I have not actually been in a relationship.  I think there is something really special about enjoying your own company and feeling completely comfortable being “alone.”  I am not sure why people have such a need to always been in a relationship.  Some people deal with loneliness and insecurity when single.  I get that but if you can’t be a solid happy human when it just you then how can you be one in a relationship?  You are more likely to define who you are by who you are with and the role that you play in that relationship.  I don’t think that ever leads to a truly healthy partnership.

Anyway, enough making excuses for why I am single.  It has been an amazing experience getting to know myself but I am also completely open and willing to meet someone if the universe delivers.  I hope that happens one day because I am going to be a killer partner.

Check out my video to see my chat about these 6 things:

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

XO Liz Baxter – Your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbian

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You Better Belize It!

I am a planner.  Which means I am also a researcher.  My roommate and bestie, Aimee, and I knew we wanted to go on a vacation that had tropical beach vibes but also some options for adventure.  I love to lay by the pool drinking daiquiris but not EVERY day.  I probably put a good 30 hours into internet research on which location would be the best for our trip.  We wanted someplace that neither of us had ever been.  After plenty of back and forth and indecision between islands in the Caribbean, we finally landed on BELIZE in Central America and I am so happy that we did!

We stayed on Ambergris Caye, a small island off the mainland, reachable by water taxi or tiny ass airplanes.  We chose The Phoenix resort, which turned out to be the nicest on the island.  The property only had 40 or so units and the “rooms” are actually huge condos all with ocean views and excellent amenities.  We had a waterfront unit with a wrap around patio that was incredible!

A note about Ambergris Caye and Belize in general: Most Belizians are POOR.  I mean really poor.  This island is not your typical tourist town with fancy or even basic amenities.  You see people living in shacks and in conditions that some would consider sub-standard.  There are no CVS stores or any chain or recognizable type of store.  There are little local hole in the wall shops (many with dirt floors) that are very overpriced (for example, $8 for a dozen eggs at any of the grocery stores).  Regardless, the people are incredibly warm and friendly to everyone, including tourists.  But let me re-iterate, this island is NOT fancy. Even at the nicest restaurant on the island, you can walk in wearing a bathing suit and cover up and fit right in.  Seriously.   You would be out of place in heels anywhere on the island.  I did not do my hair or wear one ounce of makeup the entire trip. I would have only if I had know that my roommate would be turning all of her video documentation into an incredible video:

BELIZE!!! from Aimee Warner on Vimeo.

Ambergris Caye is a perfect vacation spot if you are looking for a super laid back island with an authentic Belizian feel.  The food was YUM and not super pricey.  The diving (scuba) and snorkeling was ah-mazing!  Out the water front gate of our resort, I would walk just two piers down to the best dive shop on the island, Chuck and Robbie’s. The water was warm and the visibility was great!

Almost everyday we did some type of partial or full day activity including two day trips to the mainland for cave tubing, zip lining, and a Mayan cave exploration.  On the island we did snorkel, diving, spa day, a jet ski tour, and lots of eating and sun bathing!

I would say the single most memorable part of our trip was actually the excursion that I was least excited about, the ATM Cave tour. No write up can describe this “tour” with a description that would do it justice.  Just watch the video, ok?!  Let’s just say it was 5 hours of hiking in the jungle and over a mile into a pitch black cave THROUGH rushing water.  Imagine hiking in a stream, against the flow of the water, in the pitch black.  There had been so much rain recently that many parts were too deep to walk, so we swam.  In our clothes and hard hats.  The lights on our helmets were the ONLY source of light during our time in the cave.  But it was SO cool!

If you go to Belize at all, just do the damn ATM Cave tour.  We took a puddle jumper to get to the main island and it was included in the tour price which made it really easy.

If you are boujee AF and used to all-inclusive resorts or Americanized tourist spots, Ambergris Caye is NOT the destination for you.  If you have a sense of adventure and appreciate local culture and island life, check out this island and you won’t be disappointed!

XO Liz Baxter

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