Traveling sales woman by day and aspiring celesbian by night, you can also call me an uncloseted lesbian, a gay rights activist, an LGBTQ Blogger and YouTuber, a wannabe gay lifestyle influencer, and a giver of 0 to no fucks. Getting my sweat on, dairy in its frozen form, scuba diving, sarcasm, and miniature canines are amongst the things that make my heart the happiest.

In case you missed it, I was featured in the first ever lesbian episode of the dating show, Love Connection, with Andy Cohen on FOX.  Read about my experience: My Experience Being a Lesbian on FOX’s Love Connection

32 years ago I touched down on earth in the city of Indianapolis which I called home until 2012. That August I decided to make my dream of moving to California a reality. My target city was San Francisco, the land of lesbians, but fate had it that I ended up in the The City of Angels (and also lesbians), Los Angeles, where I still reside today.

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